'Everything you can imagine is real'.


Deborah de Weerd was educated in Visual Communication and Textile Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, The Netherlands. After graduating she pursued a professional career designing product and colour collections for textile and furniture manufacturers in Europe. During this time the Loretti Design Studio was founded.

Currently living and working in Aruba, Debby continues to explore her love for design and art and designs contemporary jewelry in small seriesHer work is inquisitive and inspired by her passion for colour and eye for detail. Sometimes using her flame working torch in unusual ways, she continuously explores new ways to develop glass elements, often used as building blocks to design her pieces. 

The Studio

The Loretti Design Studio located in Paradera Park Aruba (Dutch Caribbean), is a personal place, a place to experiment and to create. Ideas are given shape and developed into one of a kind designs. Personal contact and custom designing a piece of jewelry to match someones personality and make them really shine is what Debby loves the most. So you're most welcome for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine to discuss some options!